Community-Led Access to Renewable Energy

It’s Time for a New Playing Field.
Welcome to ConsensusPower. We’re building a new kind of energy network on a mission to enable “Community-Led Access to Renewable Energy.”
Today’s energy system is in crisis, facing escalating costs, resilience issues, emissions and volatile prices. What can the average person do? A lot, it turns out.
With ConsensusPower, we’ll be able to give each other the energy we need. Together, we can change the game.
It’s time for a new approach we call “Power to the People.” Let’s build this better future together. Curious? Read on...
About Us.
We are a collective of visionaries, pioneers, and innovators from a broad spectrum of disciplines. Our team uniquely blends expertise in corporate finance, financial markets, cutting-edge information technology solutions, marketing, and in-depth technical knowledge within the power industry. This rich diversity is the cornerstone of our approach, enabling us to adopt a holistic and systemic perspective in everything we undertake.
At the heart of ConsensusPower is our commitment to not just facilitate, but actively shape the future of Local Energy Communities. These communities represent a new paradigm in energy distribution, where producers, consumers, and prosumers converge to create, manage, and share energy in ways that serve their collective needs and aspirations most effectively. By fostering these communities, we aim to democratise energy, making it more accessible, sustainable, and aligned with the values of those it serves.
Join us on this journey to empower communities and usher in a new era of energy independence and sustainability.
Help Us Bring Power to the People

Meet the Pioneers of ConsensusPower

Team Mandala
Team Mandala Legend
Team Mandala
Everybody Wins.

Whether you produce or consume energy, welcome to a new era where green energy takes centre stage.

We’re building a unique, transparent and secure marketplace exclusively for green energy - addressing the shortcomings of the traditional energy model and benefiting all participants. This fully transparent system empowers you to secure the energy you need and enables generators to provide it.

ConsensusPower connects the dots. Our peer-to-peer model ensures transactions between buyers and sellers. As a consumer, you can purchase 100% green energy and potentially save big on your energy bills. As a generator, you stand to earn more in the medium to long term. Achieve your NetZero targets with True Green energy, not the “greenwashed” kind.

Ready to Play?

We welcome all players to the game.



We the people can take control of our own energy needs and create a more regenerative affordable and reliable energy community.



Our platform enables you to secure direct energy sales to consumers, enhancing returns.



If you produce power, you can optimise its usage and costs by selling excess and buying additional energy as needed.



Large power consumers can secure competitive renewable energy contracts, ensuring sustainable supply.



Renewable projects can secure connection to offtakers, promoting project viability, reducing costs, and ensuring long-term revenue.


Local Authorities

Local government can incorporate our platform into their sustainability and urban plans.


Land Owners

Owners can repurpose land, converting liabilities or unproductive holdings into powerful income-generating renewable assets.



Energy Service Companies and Energy Consultants can expand their services by helping customers access renewable energy.



Playing Field


Our Trust Binds Us.
Working as a community, playing on the same playing field, empowered by new intelligent technologies and new efficient connections, we can set our energy system on course to generate and deliver affordable and dependable energy for everyone.
But how can we trust this system? Who’s in charge? How can we ensure it’s fair for everyone? Enter the ConsensusPower blockchain, a shared record that maintains checks and balances for every trade. It’s like having a group of impartial referees making sure everyone plays fair.

Our Community Has
Challenges and Opportunities. Between Us, We Have Solutions.


A Tree, not a Grid.

At ConsensusPower, we’re focused on solutions. We recognise that the UK’s energy policy has evolved from a one-way street to a bustling roundabout since the turn of the millennium. The old model was like a tree, with power flowing from big power stations (the ‘trunk’), through regional distribution networks (the ‘branches’), and finally reaching consumers (the ‘twigs’).

However, with the rise of renewable energy, which is often intermittent and stored for later use, the demands on the network have grown exponentially. It’s now more beneficial for renewable energy (the ‘leaves’) to be used as close as possible to where it’s generated, feeding the nearby ‘twigs’.

A ConsensusPower Community

We believe in improving our energy relationship to create a bright, renewable energy future for every community.

The phrase “Power to the People” means the opportunity for people to take control of their own energy needs and to create a more regenerative, affordable, and reliable energy system.

A ConsensusPower P2P (peer-to-peer) renewable energy network in your community puts this idea into practice. By connecting individuals, businesses, and communities who generate and consume renewable energy, ConsensusPower enables people to share and trade energy among themselves, empowering their community, without the need for centralised authorities to control and distribute power. This not only reduces reliance on fossil fuels and lowers greenhouse gas emissions, but it also gives people the ability to “empower” their families and organisations to lead more fulfilling lives.

Generators, Find Your Mates.

Generators, You Light Up the Game.

Are you a renewable energy generator? ConsensusPower's peer-to-peer (P2P) platform allows you to transact green energy directly with local consumers, reducing transaction costs and opening up new opportunities for long-term profitability.


Close Long-Term Profitable PPAs Directly with Consumers

Trade directly with high-quality offtakers on our P2P platform, reducing or eliminating certain transaction costs and enhancing your long-term profitability.


Our Technology Creates New Market Opportunities

Our P2P platform, designed to be powered by advanced AI and blockchain technology, ensures every kWh produced is tracked and properly-attributed for REGOs, further enhancing the value of your power.


Asset Value Optimisation: New, Flexible Financial Prospects

ConsensusPower’s Asset Value Optimisation platform will allow you to monetise your PPAs, offering new, flexible financial opportunities and maximising the value of your renewable energy assets. Start a conversation with us here.

Find Out if You Qualify for 20% to 100%+ Premium Pricing for your AD EnergyCLICK HERE

AD Generators, You Deserve More

Anaerobic Digesters, You Power the Base Load

Do you operate an Anaerobic Digestion Plant? Your base-level renewable power generation is like Green Gold for the community. Now, ConsensusPower can pay you better prices — and enable you to sell certified green energy directly to local consumers.


Know Your Consumer - Direct, Long-Term, More Profitable PPAs

You supply energy directly to local offtakers, such as businesses, hospitals and council buildings. Without any hassle, because we have it covered.


Support Your Community

You provide affordable, locally-produced green power to nearby consumers and generate goodwill for your business. ConsensusPower provides £2 for every MWh generated to those in need, strengthening the bond of trust.


How Easy Is It to Switch?

Simple – just as easy as changing your home electricity contract – we arrange everything for you. No new equipment needed, and no capital cost.


Master Both Sides of the Energy Game.

Prosumers, Get Empowered.

As a Prosumer, you both produce and consume energy. ConsensusPower enables you to take control of your energy future, trade excess energy with your local community or other sites in your organisation, and manage your price risk while demonstrating your low-carbon credentials.


Sell Your Excess Energy to Others

Like most prosumers, you may not be taking full advantage of your power profile. The ConsensusPower P2P platform allows you to instantly trade surplus energy with others in your community or organisation, effectively balancing your supply and demand dynamically with locally-generated green power for resilience AND cost-savings.


Manage Your Price Risk and Sleep Better

Why suffer the roller coaster of the broader non-green energy market when you have a choice? With predictable generation costs and long-term PPAs for ‘top-up’ energy, you can decouple your energy cost from the volatile price of gas, providing financial stability and peace of mind.


Demonstrate Your Low-Carbon Credentials

Great rewards come to those who are putting their power to the benefit of all. As a Prosumer, you contribute to the greening of the electricity supply, maximising the use of home-grown renewable power and filling gaps with locally-generated green electricity, providing proof of origin for every kWh. Now’s the time to get started.

If You Buy Power, You’re an Offtaker.

Offtakers, It’s Time to Take Off!

As an Offtaker, whether you’re an environmentally conscious institution or a large-scale corporate factory, you have the power to accelerate towards net zero. By utilising our P2P platform, you can purchase 100% green energy, significantly reduce your power costs, and contribute to solutions to community social challenges as your energy use automatically funds community projects.


Abundant and Affordable True Green Energy

As an Offtaker, you can buy power via our P2P platform and save on your power costs now and over the long term. Decouple from volatile non-renewable market pricing and enjoy stable, affordable, and 100% certified green energy even as circumstances change in the future.


Tap All the Stable, Affordable Power You Need

With ConsensusPower, you can decouple from volatile global gas markets and enjoy all the stable, affordable, and 100% green energy you need now and as you grow. Receive REGO certificates as solid proof of your clean power procurement. With ConsensusPower's Blockchain, you'll be guaranteed 100% authentic green energy.


Be a Pillar of Your New Regenerative Community

Every kWh you purchase contributes to a land development trust in your area, set up to support the wider community. By choosing ConsensusPower, you're not just saving money, but also supporting your local community to address its most pressing problems with needed funds.

Start planning your takeoff today.

Let’s Develop Some New Opportunities.

Developers Welcome.

Are you a developer of renewable energy projects, such as solar, anaerobic digestion, onshore wind, hydro or battery-storage? ConsensusPower provides a collaboration space to create Local Energy Markets that enable green generators to provide power to nearby consumers efficiently by Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Energy Trading.


Accelerate Renewable Energy Project Development

For developers of renewable energy projects, ConsensusPower offers a collaborative space for creating Local Energy Markets. Our platform enables efficient Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Energy Trading, allowing green generators to secure power purchase agreements with nearby consumers, enhancing value and promoting 100% green sourcing.


Community Benefits and Investment Opportunities

Demonstrated community benefits make projects flow through approvals. Our Community Benefits Model aids in securing local support and planning permission for your projects. We contribute to local projects, with over £750,000 already donated. Additionally, our Decentralised Finance (DeFi) Platform will offer a safe, flexible, and low-cost mechanism for project investment, enhancing asset liquidity.


Development-Experienced Team and Collaboration

Our team of life-long professionals is dedicated to creating this comprehensive and innovative collaboration. They know your world and they speak your language. If you’re looking to improve returns from your development portfolio, we’re here to help. Join us in revolutionising the renewable energy landscape.

Local Authorities are Leading the Game

We Give Local Authorities the Building Blocks to Create a Regenerative Community Future.

We Give Local Authorities the Building Blocks to Create a Regenerative Community Future.

If you are a Local Authority, ConsensusPower offers you the opportunity to procure 100% certified clean power on a long-term, stable, and low-cost basis for any number of your sites. You can efficiently manage surplus energy, and expand onsite generation. Best of all, through our Empower Community Foundation, every MWh of renewable energy activity self-funds solutions to key socio-economic issues in your area.

Step by step, you can make your community a regenerative energy community. You get renewable power for a thriving community and everyone feels more connected and involved.

Make Your Community a Regenerative Community. ConsensusPower stands ready to assist you to take your winning strategy to the field.

Your Land of Plenty.

Land Owners, Don’t Miss the Big Game.

Do you own more than 8 acres of land? ConsensusPower can help you earn over £1,000 per acre annually for the next 40 years by hosting solar panels or wind turbines, contributing to a clean energy community and securing your energy costs.


Earn More with Your Land

By hosting renewable energy projects on your land, you can earn a stable, index-linked income for the next 40 years, turning unused land into a profitable asset. We help find plots of land that are more likely to pass planning consent.


Secure Your Energy Costs

With ConsensusPower, you can secure your own energy costs at a 30% discount to current rates for 15+ years, easing the pain of volatile gas markets and accelerating your journey towards net zero. Meanwhile, you can flourish by helping your neighbours do the same.


Contribute to Your Local Community

Every kWh produced contributes to the local community, addressing important socio-economic issues. Every one of our projects has a community fund for that area, and we take great care in looking for sites which are friendly to the community. Join us in revolutionising your energy solutions and boosting your commitment to a greener future.

Energise Yourself by Energising Others.

ESCOs and Energy Consultants, Get Ready.

Do you provide energy service contracts or consultancy advice to offtakers and generators? ConsensusPower enables low-cost, low-carbon power to be delivered through the optimal combination of existing grid and private wire connections — so now your customers’ newly-electrified systems can be powered by locally-sourced, renewable energy.


Low-Cost Renewable Energy to Power Electrical Infrastructure

Non-viable projects don’t get the green light. Peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading enables low-cost, locally-sourced, renewable energy to power your customers’ newly-electrified energy systems, such as heat pumps, without any additional capital expense. This can be the difference that tips major projects to become economically viable.


Take Control of the Path to Net Zero

You hear a lot more promises about energy transition than you are offered actual solutions. Rather than wait for the National Grid to decarbonise, offtakers can buy 100% REGO-backed low-carbon energy now, through P2P and/or private wire. Our Asset Value Optimisation platform will reduce the cost of capital for your generator clients, again reducing the long-term cost of energy solutions.


Differentiation for our ESCO Partners

There’s a renewable gold rush out there and the competition is growing. By partnering with ConsensusPower, ESCOs and energy consultants benefit by providing distinctive, deliverable and affordable solutions and beneficial relationships over the long term, distinguishing you from your competitors and helping you to win new business.